New Anthogyr Patient communication pack

Patients are the focus of our customer's attention, and we are committed to supporting our customers.

With this new patient pack, we help implantologists to communicate easily with their patients and to develop their implant activity.

Anthogyr presents a new patient communication pack to support implantologists in their communication with patients.

This pack rolls out a communication campaign dedicated to patients, with graphic design, colors and iconography different from the Anthogyr communication to professionals. This campaign is designed to reassure patients, with soft colors, round shapes and smiles. The vocabulary is simplified, and educational illustrations of our French KOL Dr François Vigouroux, explain dental implant treatments.

The promise of the campaign, "Implanting confidence" is a wordgame with the word "implant". Because sestoring the smile and eating / chewing capacity contributes to restore confidence of patients suffering from dental problems.

We offer a pack of assets for each step of the patient's journey.

  • Posters, paperwalls and video for the waiting room, for a first level of information
  • Patient brochure and patient website, when the patient enters a step of active search
  • Appointment card, branded stationary and patient file, when the patient meets his dentist
  • Patient passport for the follow up of his dental implant treatment

A complementary pack of assets will be delivered during first quarter if 2023, with more tools for implantologists to explain dental implant treatments such as demonstration models, education cards, but also branded goodies. The patient website will also be regularly enriched.

Discover Anthogyr Patient communication Launch Backpack soon on Anthogyr One!