NUVO CEEMEA Hub changes the game rules

With more than 20 countries in charge, NUVO CEEMEA Marketing Hub is discovering a new digital marketing strategy for reaching out to dentists and patients.

Knowing that it is an economical brand, NUVO uses the power of social media to reach both new and existing customers through Instagram and Facebook in countries where NUVO exists.

The digital marketing strategy is focused to:
1- Raise awareness and penetrate the market
2- Provide product information transparently
3- Explain dental implant treatment transparently to the patients.

In this framework, we are preparing over 20 social media contents for our digital channels and sending them to our distributors and subsidiaries in every month. Thus, we are constantly improving our content quality with the feedback we receive about these contents every month. These contents include dentists' testimonials, product, and workflow information, short videos, and special days like No Tobacco Day or World Dentistry Day.

Besides organic contents, NUVO CEEMEA Team is also conducting more than 10 digital campaigns monthly. The content shared below is identified as the best digital campaign - only in 5 days, NUVO Facebook Page gained 200 followers. With more than 300 followers, NUVO CEEMEA Facebook Page has the highest follower count in the global NUVO Facebook account.

The patient is an asset
Thanks to the SEMRush tool, we have discovered that patients are "googling" about dental implants and dental implant treatment.
Here are the most searched terms in Google by dental implant patients.
1. Implants feel natural
2. Do dental implants hurt?
3. How long do dental implants take to heal
4. Best dental implant brands

We have conducted several online meetings with our countries' marketing colleagues. We convey our messages and findings to them. We are also analyzing the digital media environment in accordance with the dental implant market in each country.

Our primary target is to achieve awareness among our distributors, customers, and patients. By the end of 2022, we are planning to reach more than 200.000 people via social media with almost 250 contents.