New MG-Series:
compatible products for
MegaGen AnyRidge®

As part of our regularly expanding ACE portfolio, we are happy to announce the launch of the new MG-Series. With a range of post and cuff height options for your convenience.

The Medentika® MG-Series is compatible with AnyRidge®
by MegaGen.

Available Prosthetic components for MegaGen AnyRidge® (GM-Series)




MPS Catalog

Multi Platform Systems
PM01_01_0027_EN_04/21 31.05.2021 PDF, 74 MB Download
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ASC Flex

Multi Platform System
PM02_01_0033_EN_09/20 11.09.2020 PDF, 7 MB Download

Castable CoCr Abutments

Multi Platform Systems - low res
pm01_00_0002_en 23.04.2018 PDF, 10 MB Download

Medentika on Original

Multi Platform Systems
pm02_01_0023_en_02/19 19.02.2019 PDF, 5 MB Download

MPS - In a nutshell

Multi Platform Systems
PM02_01_0022_EN_09/20 11.09.2020 PDF, 4 MB Download

Multi-unit abutments

Multi Platform Systems
PM01_01_0021_EN 02/21 25.02.2021 PDF, 5 MB Download
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