MPS – Multi Platform Systems

Excellent prosthetics for all major implant systems

Our products are the result of innovation and creative development, detailed expert know-how and exact market awareness. All MPS implant abutments and components are compatible with the major systems available on the market.

  • Excellent precision

    The result will always be an abutment manufactured with the highest interface precision.

  • Excellent price-performance ratio

    Uncompromising, exact and always economical.

  • Comprehensive range of prosthetics

    Compatible with all major implant systems.

  • Unique parts

    Special parts, like Novaloc® and Optiloc®, help extend the product range.

  • Clear design

    The customer has the same prosthetic interface for all series.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

    Up to a lifetime for MPS and IPS. For complete safety and maximum reliability.

MPS | Series – compatible with all major implant systems

The high precision abutment range is versatile and clearly structured, whether for single-tooth, bridge or full-denture restorations.


Implant system

Compatible with


BIOMET 3i BIOMET 3i H-Series

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External Hex I-Series

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Camlog Camlog®* C-Series

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Conelog®* D-Series

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XiVE®* S T-Series

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ANKYLOS®* C/X Y-Series

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ASTRA TECH® OsseoSpeed®* EV EV-Series

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Nobel Biocare NobelReplace®* Tapered E-Series

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NobelActive®* F-Series

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NobelReplace®* Conical F-Series

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Brånemark System®* K-Series

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Straumann Bone Level L-Series

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Tissue Level N-Series

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Zimmer Dental Tapered Screw-Vent®* R-Series

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*is a registered trademark of an independent third party 

What does precision in detail mean?

See for yourself and take a critical look at what characterizes a Medentika® Original

MPS | Abutment types

The highly precise abutment range is versatile, clearly structured and satisfies all requirements whether for single-tooth, bridge or full-denture restorations.

  • Implant pick-up

    The implant pick-up is made with prefabricated, high precision impression posts with excellent rotational stability for open and closed impressions.

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  • Laboratory implant

    The model analog is made with prefabricated, high precision, rotationally stable stainless steel or titanium. They are laser etched and anodized for easy identification.

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  • Laboratory implant CADCAM

    Highly precise repositionable laboratory implants with absolute radial and axial stability, specially developed for printed models for the digital impression.

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  • Temporary abutment

    Ideal for easy and quick fabrication of single and multi-unit temporary restorations.

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  • Standard abutment straight/angled

    Ideal for cementable crowns and bridges in the aesthetically demanding region. 

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  • Castable gold abutment

    A high noble alloy abutment used for occlusally screw-retained single crowns and cast abutments. It can also be used to create abutments for cementable bridge restorations where diverging implant angulations need to be corrected to get a passive draw.

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  • Castable gold abutment Rotating

    Applications for occlusally screw-retained and multi-unit restorations.

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  • Solid abutment straight/angled

    Used for cementable crown, bridge and telescope restorations. 

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  • Scanbody

    Scanbodies are suitable for intraoral and conventional use in the scanner.

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  • Titanium base 2 generation

    Are compatible with different indications and are available for all conventional implant systems. 

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  • MedentiBASE abutment

    Allows you to facbricate a wide range of multi-unit, conventional or CADCAM bar and bridge restorations in the upper and lower jaw. 

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  • MedentiBASE titanium base

    Suitable for adhesive retention of multi-unit bridges and bars. 

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  • MedentiBASE adhesive cap

    Can be used to fabricate multi-unit, screw-retained bar and bridge restorations.

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  • MedentiBASE scanbody

    Can be used for scanning the model situation and digisation. 

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  • Multi-unit abutment – straight and angled

    Ideal for customised multi-unit restorations or a customised base for the restorations in the esthetic region.

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  • MedentiLOC abutment – straight and angled

    The MedentiLOC abutment is an attractive and economic alternative for the retention of overdentures.

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  • Planning abutment

    For easier selection of the final abutment.

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  • MedentiCAD abutment

    In only 3 steps to a customised, one-piece abutment. 

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  • MedentiCAD wax-up base

    You can use the MedentiCAD wax-up base to design your individual MedentiCAD abutment for scanning and submission.

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