Research Incentive Program

Neodent supporting clinical evidence.

The evaluation and approval of projects will be carried out by the research support internal committee in periodic meetings.

The application of projects must occur by the e-mail according to the deadlines available in the Public Notice to download.

Previous Studies

Project Title Primary Investigator Neodent products Study type Link to Publimed
0104/15 Macrogeometry influence on the physical characterization of osseointegrable dental implant surface. Helder Henrique Machado de Menezes Drive, Alvim and Titamx EX Implants In vitro PMID 26252030
0204/15 Removal torque comparative study of conical abutments (Morse come) with and without index, before and after thermomechanical fatigue tests. Carmem Dolores Vilarinho Soares de Moura Universal Abutments In vitro PMID 27881313
0308/15 Implant osseointegration in grafted areas with different osteoconductive biomaterials: Effect of low intensity laser irradiation and implant surface modifications. Guilherme José Pimental Lopes de Oliveira Acqua Treatment Surface Animal PMID 30238514
0109/15 Evaluation of peri-implant stresses arising from different dental materials. Finite element analysis. Manuel Tomás Borges Radaelli Titamax CM and Universal Abutments Computational PMID 29724560
0504/15 The influence of leukocyte and platelet rich fibrin on bone regeneration after maxillary sinus augmentation: a radomized clinical trial. Elton Carlos Pichotano Titamax Ex Acqua Implants Clinical Study PMID 29457934
PMID 30690860
0506/15 In vitro evaluation of mechanical resistance to vertical displacement in polyurethane jaws submitted to osteotomy for inferior alveolar nerve lateralization and dental implant placement. Mariana Schaffer Brackmann Titamax Implants In vitro PMID 30908434
0207/15 Implant-supported rehabilitation after treatment of atrophic mandibular fractures.  Valfrido Antonio Pereira Filho Titamax Ex Acqua Implants Cllinical Case PMID 25994530
0211/16 Biomechanical behavior of narrow diameter dental implants. Flavio Domingues das Neves Facility Implants In vitro PMID 31202549
1312/16 Biological and functional performance of small diameter dental implants with different surface treatments in total edentulous patients. Fernanda Faot Facility Implants (Neoporos and Acqua) Clinical Study PMID 28710652
PMID 28741684
PMID 28355313
PMID 29577575
PMID 29218786