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Neodent® Neoarch® Immediate fixed full-arch solution

High levels of atrophic maxilla are affecting a population of 60+


Neodent® Neoarch® Immediate fixed full-arch solution

Increasing expectations for shortened treatment duration represent a significant challenge for dental professionals especially in patients with anatomical deficiencies. The Neodent® Implant System offers an optimized solution for immediate fixed treatment protocols in edentulous patients even with severe atrophic maxilla. Neodent® NeoArch® allows to significantly improve patient satisfaction and quality of live by immediately restoring function and esthetics.(1)

Immediate function resulting in shorter treatment times

• Different implants techniques to avoid the use of grafting procedure.(2)
• Optimized implant design to achieve high primary stability in all bone types. (3)

Immediate natural-looking esthetics with versatile restorative options

• A broad gingival height abutment range to cater the patient’s needs.
• Options of straight and angled abutments (17°, 30° and 45°).

Immediate peace of mind thanks to a stable foundation

• One connection regardless of the diameters.
• Unique connection combining platform switching associated with a deep 16° Morse taper including an internal indexation.


A implant system designed for predictable immediate treatments in all bone types even with different conditions of the residual alveolar bone.


The Neodent® Grand Morse® restorative portfolio offers optimal abutments angulations and a broad range of gingival heights to attend different clinical needs. It allows to reach immediate function and esthetics, regardless of the maxilla atrophy level.


Several gingival heights and angulations combined with an anatomical shape, short cone and wide angle, resulting in an optimized emergence profile.

*The 45º Mini Conical Abutment is indicated for use only with Helix GM® Long and Zygoma GMTM.

Comprehensive restorative solutions: designed to meet all patient expectations.

Meet patient stability and comfort expectations thanks to comprehensive customized milled frameworks for provisional or final restoration at the abutment level using a broad range of material and any workflows.

Straumann® CARES®/Createch Medical

Milling center solution
- Provisional fixed prosthesis
- Final fixed prosthesis

Straumann® M series/Zirkonzahn M4

In-house milling solution
- Provisional fixed prosthesis
- Final fixed prosthesis

Conventional manufacturing solution

- Provisional fixed prosthesis
Mini Conical temporary coping/Mini Conical distal bar coping
- Final fixed prosthesis
One Step Hybrid







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