Straumann® Zygomatic Implant System

Immediate, graftless, predictable.1

An anatomically based fixed solution for patients with atrophic maxillae, designed by experts with the patient in mind.

Rise to the challenge

why zygomatic implants?

The Zygomatic Implant is a predictable treatment option, with 95.21% CSR at 12-year follow-up2 and high scores in terms of general patient satisfaction, especially in chewing ability and esthetics.3  

Well received by patients

Studies show, that zygomatic implants are well received by patients, showing substantial improvements in oral health-related quality of life and general satisfaction with the treatment received4 and also reporting a better quality of life and greater satisfaction with the treatment than patients treated with fixed prostheses supported by four anterior implants following the all-on-four concept.5


5 clinical case reports

Interested in rising to the challenge? This eBook features real-life clinical cases from renowned experts in the field of maxillofacial surgery, detailed treatment protocols, and key take-home messages.

It illustrates the usefulness of the Straumann® Zygomatic Implant system in a wide range of challenging indications.

What experts say about the Straumann® Zygomatic Implant System

Three experts tell you in 60 seconds, why they recommend the Straumann® Zygomatic Implant System to rise to the challenge of severe atrophy in the maxilla.

  • Dr. Sepehr Zarrine


  • Dr. Rubén Davó


  • Dr. Carlos Aparicio


  • Dr. Edmond Bedrossian


"The zygomatic technique is really mature now and a lot of evidence is available.”

Dr. Ruben Davó, Spain

INTRODUCTORY Video lectures

  • Clinical indications and treatment planning

    Prof. Waldemar Polido, Brazil and Dr. Armand Bedrossian, USA

  • Biomechanical considerations

    Dr. Edmond Bedrossian, USA

“The Straumann® Zygomatic Implant is the most complete system – the most respectful for the bone and periodontal environment, adapting to the anatomy of the patient.”

Dr. Sepehr Zarrine, France

Findings of the ITI Consensus Workshop on Zygomatic Implants

Features and benefits of the Straumann® Zygomatic Implant

From experts for experts

Bringing experts together to provide a solution you can trust in.

Immediate loading (6,7,9)

Graftless solution that provides primary stability and allows immediate loading.

Anatomically based designs

Two designs, ZAGA® Flat and ZAGA® Round, with a unique combination of features to respect patients’ anatomical structures.10

Straightforward prosthetics (8)

Prosthetic portfolio with a single implant connection; compatible with Straumann® Edentulous Solutions.

Step by step procedure

From experts for experts

Our international training and education offering live and online courses, supported by straumann. If you would like to acquire new skills and learn the zygomatic treatment, you can benefit from numerous live and online courses, with hands-on on models or cadavers, located in different parts of the world and conducted by the Straumann Group.

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