Straumann® Novaloc with Dr Richard Henderson

Straumann® Novaloc® with innovative car¬bon-based abutment coating (ADLC1) offers excellent wear resistance. Together with its durable PEEK matrices, the Novaloc® Retentive System provides a unique and long-lasting attachment performance.”

63yr old female patient presented after consulting a clinical dental technician to replace her existing F/F with implant support. After examination and appropriate radiographs were taken, we discussed implant supported upper and lower overdentures with 4 implants in the maxilla and 2 in the mandible.

Full thickness flaps were raised in the Maxilla and the uneven ridge was flattened. Straumann 4.1 Regular Neck Standard implants were placed in the canine and 2nd premolar/1st molar sites and a Straumann 4.8mm Bone Level Tapered Implant was placed in the 15/16 due to the need for additional insertion torque.

In the mandible, extensive flattening of the alveolar ridge was carried out to gain enough width for implant placement. Straumann Regular Neck Standard implants were placed in the lower canine positions. The left fixture was placed slightly distally as the initial osteotomy resulted in a spinner in the 33 site. Healing caps were placed and the flaps closed
The patients existing F/F was replaced. After 2 months a second stage appointment was carried out with the placement of Straumann Novaloc abutments.

“This was fortuitous, as available bone volume did not allow for parallel placement of all the fixtures. The availability of angled Novaloc abutments was invaluable”
Straumann® Novaloc® abutments were chosen in this case to allow for lack of parallelism. The Novaloc abutments are available in both straight and 15° angulation allowing a 60° implant divergence.

A mixture of 1 and 2mm gingival height straight and angled abutments were placed and torqued to 35Ncm. A pick-up impression was taken and the overdentures were modified to allow attachment to the Novaloc