Straumann provides ongoing support for Rebuilding Smiles

Straumann have agreed to provide ongoing financial and materials support to the Australian Dental Health Foundation’s Rebuilding Smiles ® program in 2019.

In 2017 and 2018 Straumann agreed to provide both a donation to the Foundation and to provide support by way of provision of free Straumann equipment to the Foundation in cases where applicants required dental implants.

Having observed the success this support has had in providing treatment under the Foundation’s Re Building Smiles® program, Straumann have now agreed to provide similar ongoing support for the program in 2019.

Mr David Owen, Chairman of the Foundation said:

“Without the support we receive from donors such as Straumann, the Foundation would not have been able to support disadvantaged Australians - particularly those who have suffered injury and damage as a result of domestic violence. Re Building Smiles receives applications for assistance from Australians who are distraught from the effects of the isolation, trauma and loss of self-confidence associated with domestic violence. With the help we receive from supporters such as Straumann, these unfortunate victims are able to rebuild their confidence and, as a result, regain their happiness and effectiveness as members of their communities.

We thank Straumann for its ongoing support.”

Stuart Douglas, Country Manager, from Straumann stated:

“Straumann saw the effects of domestic violence on Australians and saw an opportunity to support victims through the provision of help to the Foundation to allow it to provide valuable treatment. We saw what great work was being done and wanted to allow the Foundation to build on it. We are happy and proud to provide ongoing support.”

The Foundation would like to thank Straumann for its ongoing generosity.

If you would like more information about Rebuilding Smiles or would like to be involved please contact the Straumann Marketing Department via