Straumann® Membrane Flex
Mastering endurance.

Minimally crosslinked porcine peritoneum collagen membrane

Membrane Flex™ provides flexibility and strength in an easy-to-handle, easy-to-suture barrier for soft tissue support and graft containment. Meticulously manufactured from highly purified intact porcine collagen and minimally crosslinked, it’s biocompatible and predictably resorbable. It naturally conforms to defects and contours – plus, it’s easy to reposition. Once in place, it can be firmly anchored to surrounding tissue with minimal risk of tearing or detachment, thanks to its high suture pullout strength.*

Features and benefits

Desirable handling characteristics

Not side specific.
Can be placed dry or hydrated.
Even when hydrated, does not adhere to gloves or instruments.
Can be easily repositioned for precise placement.
Takes sutures or tacks with ease, for simple yet secure placement.

Dependable strength

Proven biomechanical strength enhances fixation assurance.*

Supports wound healing

Protects the graft area from unwanted soft tissue infiltration during the initial phase of healing while still allowing for healthy nutrient transfer. Resorbs predictably over 3 to 4 months as new host collagen is simultaneously regenerated.*

Minimal crosslinking

The intact tissue of porcine peritoneum provides inherent strength which is further minimally crosslinked to control resorption time and handling.

*Data on file with manufacturer

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