Straumann® ImmediaXy™

Taking immediacy to the next level.

Patients’ increasing demand for shorter treatment times, the growing evidence for predictable success8, and the positive effects on productivity and growth have made immediate treatment protocols a popular choice in implant dentistry.

Backed by its scientific approach and building on its legacy of innovation, Straumann® now takes immediacy to the next level of reliability and efficiency.

With ImmediaXy, Straumann® offers an ecosystem of solutions that are designed to enable dental professionals to confidently and efficiently provide their patients with immediate temporization – whenever possible and clinically sensible, whether in single tooth, multiple teeth or full-arch cases 3, 9-13.


Seamlessly connects all workflow stages.


Focuses on operational simplicity and workflow optimization.


Based on Straumann’s scientific approach and evidence-based solutions1-7

Comprehensive partnership

More than products: service, training and practice growth initiatives.

The Straumann ImmediaXy solutions help you to meet growing patient expectations…

  • Shorter* time to teeth
  • Shorter* treatment time
  • Less* discomfort
  • Natural-looking aesthetics

*compared to conventional treatments

Illustrative timelines – treatment times may vary

…and support the growth and productivity of your practice

Push boundaries with confidence

Our end-to-end solutions are designed to enable immediate treatments with predictable outcomes.

Gain time & cost efficiency

Enjoy a frictionless and flexible ecosystem that meets your workflow needs.

Accelerate revenue generation

Our wide portfolio of solutions for immediate treatments enables you to treat complex indications such as full arch rehabilitations in atrophied jaws.

Straumann® ImmediaXy includes all stages of an immediate treatment workflow: data acquisition, planning & design, surgery and restoration. It provides end-to-end solutions, which are designed to enable immediate treatments with predictable outcomes11, 14, 15. ImmediaXy makes the benefits of digital dentistry accessible – either in-house or outsourced – and is compatible with third-party solutions. A modular system, that can be tailored to support your workflow.

Data acquisition

Planning and design



Smile in a Box™

Smile in a Box™ is a flexible treatment planning and manufacturing service to gain efficiency and practice growth. You select the workflow steps you want to focus on – we deliver everything else you need for your treatment in one box.

Clinical cases

Anterior zone

Posterior zone

Full arch

What clinicians say

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