Straumann at the European Association for Osseointegration 2020

EAO Digital Days, October 5-11, 2020

Straumann Satellite Symposium - Advancing immediacy in your daily practice

Prof. Gabor Tepper: 3200 implants later. My clinical journey with the BLX implant.

The number of concepts on immediate implant placement is steadily growing. At the same time, the world of dentistry is being transformed by digitalization. Both of which help the clinician in their daily routine by increasing precision and saving time.

During this lecture, the world-renowned speaker will share, discuss, and highlight clinical advancements on immediacy techniques and solutions for different reconstruction modalities.

Special attention will be given to the appropriate planning and selection of the most suitable treatment approach based on the patient’s unique anatomic and clinical situations.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020
20:30 - 21:10

Prof. Gabor Tepper

  • University professor specializing in implant surgery, implant prosthodontics and oral surgery
  • Private practice in Vienna limited to implant dentistry and oral surgery
  • Lecturer on the national and international levels
  • Winner of the prize of the President of the Republic for outstanding achievements and of over 12 national and international prizes and awards
  • Board member of the OEGI (Austrian Society of Oral Surgery and Implantology)
  • Author of scientific articles and book chapters