Straumann® Pro Arch

Unparalleled treatment options for fixed full-arch restorations.

Straumann® Pro Arch is our treatment concept for immediate temporary restorations in edentulous patients with limited bone availability. It respects individual patient needs and expectations, offering dental professionals all the implant and prosthetic components needed – at both bone and soft tissue level – to provide a seamless and safe treatment that reduces patient discomfort to a minimum. With our key technologies Roxolid® (reduced invasiveness) and SLActive® (predictability even in compromised patients), you receive a unique combination of strength and healing capacity.

  • Comfort

    Immediate function and esthetics.

  • Reduced complexity

    Reduced complexity by addressing the individual anatomical situation.

  • Efficiency

    Time-saving treatments with the option of immediate temporization.

  • Evidence

    Clinically proven and scientifically backed materials and components.

  • Stability

    Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant: Excellent primary stability in soft bone and fresh extraction sockets with a tapered body that adequately compresses the underprepared osteotomy.

  • Size

    Straumann® Standard Plus 4 mm Short Implant: the shortest screw-type implant with internal connection on the market, offering new treatment opportunities for cases with limited bone height where a bone reconstruction prior to implant treatment is not desired. 

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More than a fixed rehabilitation.

Straumann® Pro Arch
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Tailored to fit. Designed to last.

Straumann® Pro Arch - low-res
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Straumann® Pro Arch

Unparalleled treatment options for fixed full-arch restoration. (Clinical video Dr. Dr. med. Rohner)
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Straumann® Pro Arch

Unparalleled treatment options for fixed full-arch restoration. (Trailer)
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Straumann® Pro Arch

Treatment option for full-arch screw-retained restorations with low bone availability and immediate temporary restorations
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Scientific evidence

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Product Catalog 2019/2020

Straumann International Edition - interactive
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