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With 17 years in orthodontics, ClearCorrect is the clear aligner choice of experts.
We’ll work closely with your doctor to create a clear aligner treatment that’s just for you!

Driven by doctors.

ClearCorrect was founded by doctors, and we continue to work closely with clinicians all over the world to make an excellent clear aligner experience from start to finish. Whether it's our internal clinicians, our close partners, or even your very own dentist, each of them is essential to the ClearCorrect process, and we work as a team with each of them to put your treatment at the center of it all.

Smile with confidence knowing that ClearCorrect aligners were developed from decades of research and innovation.

ClearQuartz™ tri-layer material.

ClearCorrect aligners are made from ClearQuartz, an industry-leading tri-layer plastic material that improves comfort and clarity while maintaining durability.*

A diagram showing three layers and aligner material

  • Low-porosity material
    For toughness and stain resistance
  • Elastomeric layer
    Applies gentle, consistent,
    and continuous force

* Data on file.

Performance Trimline

Our ClearQuartz material works together with our Performance Trimline to give you more predictable results.
Our unique design is proven to help your doctor have more control over how your teeth move during treatment1, helping you both achieve your goals.

ClearCorrect aligners have more predictable results than scalloped aligners2

ClearCorrect aligners
High and flat trimline leads to more predictable results
Competitor's aligners
Scalloped trimline leads to less predictable results

1Data on file vs 0.030 single-layer material
2Cowley, D. The effect of gingival-margin design on the retention of thermoformed aligners. J Clin Orthod. 2012 Nov;46(11):697-702​

For the ultimate comfort

Don’t sacrifice comfort for straight teeth. Compared to wires and brackets, clear aligners are proven to be more comfortable.3 ClearCorrect also improves comfort by applying less initial pressure than other aligners on the market.4
Our advanced technology provides a more custom and comfortable fit for a variety of dental situations.

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3“Clear Aligners in Orthodontic Treatment” by T. Weir in Australian Dental Journal, 2017.
4With 1/3 less initial force compared to 0.030 single-layer material. Data on file.

A treatment for all smiles.

ClearCorrect can straighten a wide variety of smiles.
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