Smile in a Box™

Focus on your passion - we take care of the rest.

Smile in a Box™ is a flexible, digital treatment planning and manufacturing service that helps you to grow and develop your dental practice. Our offering drives value by improving patient acceptance and allowing access to digital dentistry without investing in additional hard- or software.

Gain more efficiency by reducing chair-time with immediate treatment protocols. Increase the level of confidence in implant placement with a more predictable workflow using guided surgery.

Focus on your passion giving you the freedom to choose what you outsource and what steps you keep in-house. Smile in a Box™ lets you grow your business — no matter where you are in your practice development.


    and treatment acceptance by faster time to teeth and effective communication.


    In a flexible way that suits and adapts to your current situation. Establish digital workflows without investment.


    In your practice with immediate protocols and flexible workflow outsourcing. Benefit from all-in-one delivery.


    With a guided-surgery workflow that makes treatment planning simple and predictable with regard to time, costs and outcome.

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Smile in a Box™

Focus on your passion – we take care of the rest.
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Smile in a Box™

Scanning Protocol Guide
490.656/en/A/00 10/20 15.11.2020 PDF, 185 KB Download
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Videos & Animations

Smile in a Box™

Dr. Koo talking about Smile in a Box™
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Smile in a Box™

Patient procedure overview
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Smile in a Box™

Unboxing Video
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Smile in a Box™

Brand movie
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Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions

Straumann® Smile in a Box
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Product Catalog 2021 - INTERNATIONAL EDITION

Straumann® BLX Implant System - interactive
450.012/en/D/00 01/21 PDF, 3 MB Download

Product Catalog 2021 - INTERNATIONAL EDITION

Straumann® BLX Implant System - low-res
450.012/en/D/00 01/21 PDF, 2 MB Download

Catalogue 2022

Product Catalogue 2022 - Low Resolution
103_neodent_gm_catalogue_en_eU_E02_lr_300322 31.03.2022 PDF, 15 MB Download

Mini Implant System Catalog

Low res
EN_2022-02_MIS_C210_LR 01.03.2022 PDF, 2 MB Download

Product Catalog 2021/2022 - SPECIAL EDITION

Straumann® Product Catalog - interactive
452.201/en/E/00 03/21 24.03.2021 PDF, 13 MB Download
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