Locator fixed® Attachment system for Straumann® implants

LOCATOR FIXED® for Straumann® Implants offers dental professionals the ability to provide their patients with a financially accessible, fixed full-arch treatment plan. Because you use the same LOCATOR® abutment and workflow as the tried-and-trusted LOCATOR® Removable Attachment System, LOCATOR FIXED® is flexible, familiar and easy to use.

Key indications
Fixed snap connection
Traditional | Digital
Implant systems                                      
Prosthetic connections    
RB/WB | NC, RC | NNC | NT, RT, WT | RN, WN​
Patient comfort

LOCATOR FIXED® is designed to provide a truly fixed full-arch prosthesis for patients, enhancing function and esthetics, following a less invasive procedure.


Based on existing, well-established treatment protocols, the straight-forward design delivers efficiency and reduces chair time when treating edentulous patients.


Using the same abutments as LOCATOR® Removable, patients can easily transition between fixed and removable solutions without the cost and discomfort of changing abutments. 


Reduced chair time for delivery and maintenance, straight forward prosthetic procedures and less invasive surgical protocols result in lower overall costs for the patient.

Same Abutment, Same Workflow, delivering a fixed solution  

New LOCATOR FIXED® housing

The NEW gold LOCATOR FIXED® Housing, has  increased mechanical bond strength.

New LOCATOR FIXED® inserts

The NEW LOCATOR FIXED® Inserts are made of ultra-strong rigid material, providing an extremely rigid snap connection.

LOCATOR® abutments

Use the same tried-and-trusted LOCATOR® Abutment. Providing a true fixed connection for a fixed full-arch prosthesis.

Implantology confidence

The Straumann® Dental Implant System – Proven, simple and flexible.
Authentic LOCATOR® Abutments are available for Straumann® implant platforms (RB/WB, NT, RT, WT, RN, WN, NNC, RC, NC).

Establish a strong relationship between patients and practice

It’s time to rethink full-arch treatment options. LOCATOR FIXED® shares the same abutment and workflow as LOCATOR® Removable but uses rigid inserts and a high-retention gold housing. This makes transitioning from a removable to a fixed prosthesis super easy.

Enhance your patients' existing LOCATOR® removable overdenture and easily transition to a fixed full-arch prosthesis.

Same LOCATOR® Abutment. Same Workflow.

From removable

to fixed

LOCATOR® and LOCATOR FIXED® are registered trademarks of Zest IP Holdings LLC, USA.

Please visit “zestdent.com/eifu” to retrieve the manufacturer's instructions for use, encompassing prescribing details including indications, contraindications, as well as warnings and precautions.

What clinicians say

Focusing on Simplicity in Full-Arch

"LOCATOR FIXED® by Straumann® is incredible in my practice – I'm able to offer a simple to use fixed full-arch option with patient fees that are in-between overdenture and screw-retained while keeping premium quality and standards.  LOCATOR FIXED® uses the same LOCATOR® abutment as overdentures, similar clinical workflows, and all while also making hygiene recall appointments easy for my team."

Dr. Michael D. Scherer, USA

On-demand Online Training available now

  • in-depth knowledge of the new and innovative LOCATOR FIXED® treatment concept
  • fundamental workflows and step-by-step procedures
  • the latest digital scanning approaches for LOCATOR FIXED®
  • the proper handling and usage of all associated instruments and tools when working with LOCATOR FIXED®

Dr. Michael D. Scherer, USA

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