Instruments for maxgraft® bonering

For a precise and press-fit placement of maxgraft® bonerings.

The maxgraft® bonering surgical kit contains all the surgical instruments needed for a smooth maxgraft® bonering procedure. It supports the positioning of the maxgraft® bonering in the jaw and the preparation of the bone bed for a press-fit placement of the maxgraft® bonering.

  • Precision

    Precise preparation of the bone bed for an optimal press-fit placement of the maxgraft® bonering. 

  • Biology

    The step-by-step procedure of the bone bed preparation ensures the nutritive supply of the bonering and fast vascularization.

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Videos & Animations

maxgraft® bonering technique with Straumann Bone Level Implants

Surgical procedure
V0014-en 23.05.2017 MP4, 256 MB

The maxgraft® bonering technique

by Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen & Dr. Orcan Yüksel
V0001-en 23.05.2017 WMV, 61 MB
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Scientific evidence

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