maxgraft® bonebuilderMastering challenging cases. 3D shaped individualized, processed allogenic block.

maxgraft® bonebuilder is an innovative, customized allogenic bone block which is individually designed and adj usted to the  desired 3-dimensional bone contour. Based on CT/CBCT scans of the patient, the bone block is virtually designed by botiss biomaterials GmbH (Zossen, Germany) using the latest 3D-CAD technology. The final product is then milled from processed cancellous bone blocks directly in the clean room facility of the Cells and Tissue Bank Austria (C+TBA) prior to final irradiation.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to apply

    The patient-individualized allogenic block is delivered sterile and:
    - is ready to be applied in surgery
    - is designed to fit perfectly to the recipient site
    - reduces risk of infection compared to a bone block (because repetitive intra- and extraoral handling can be avoided)
    - saves chair-time compared to autologous blocks

  • Osteoconductivity

    The natural structure and composition of maxgraft® provide an excellent scaffold for osseointegration:
    High porosity and the physiological content of human collagen account for the excellent osteoconductivity.
    Maximum contact area between the graft and the bone supports fast vascularization and integration of the graft.

  • Preservation of mineral and organic phase of the bone

    The cleaning process (Allotec® process) of maxgraft® products preserves the natural structure of both the mineral phase and the organic phase  (collagen). Collagen attracts endothelial cells and osteoblasts by chemotaxis.  This ensures quick incorporation and natural remodeling.

  • Hydrophilicity

    Interconnected pores and rough surface morphology are fundamental to good hydrophilicity. Due to the excellent hydrophilicity, the maxgraft® bonebuilder absorbs blood quickly. Adhesion of proteins and signaling molecules from the blood further improves the biological properties of maxgraft®.

  • Volume stability

    Clinical experience shows that the maxgraft® bonebuilder has a high volume stability.

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