maxgraft® granules / blocks

Mastering natural results. Processed allograft.

maxgraft® allograft is the safe and established alternative to  autologous bone. maxgraft® granules and cancellous blocks are 100 % derived from living donor bone processed under pharmaceutical conditions by the Cells and Tissue Bank Austria (C+TBA). Founded in 2004, C+TBA is one of the leading European tissue banks, recognized by numerous national authorities across the world and member of the European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB).

Features and benefits

  • Safety and biocompatibility

    The cleaning process (Allotec® process) of maxgraft® products preserves the natural structure of both the mineral phase and the organic phase (collagen). Collagen attracts endothelial cells and osteoblasts by chemotaxis. This ensures quick incorporation and natural remodeling. maxgraft® products have an impressive track record in safety with no reported cases of disease transmission.

  • Biofunctionality

    High porosity and the physiologic content of human collagen account for the excellent osteoconductivity of maxgraft®. The natural bone structure allows complete integration of the implant  due to the ingrowth of cells and blood vessels.

  • Hydrophilicity

    Interconnected pores and rough surface morphology are fundamental to good hydrophilicity. Due to their excellent hydrophilicity, the maxgraft® products absorb liquid quickly. Adhesion of proteins and signaling molecules from the blood further improves the biological properties of maxgraft®.

  • Volume stability

    Due to its close similarity to native bone, maxgraft® will be degraded by osteoclasts if not loaded after the healing period. Depending on the indication, the product can be mixed with a slow resorbable grafting material (deproteinized bovine bone minerals (DBBM)).

  • Patient comfort

    maxgraft® is a safe and trusted bone regeneration solution most similar to  patient’s own bone. It is a true alternative to autologous bone, eliminating  donor site complications such as morbidity, infection or postoperative pain.

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