Emdogain® FL
Cultivating periodontal regeneration.

When applied to cleaned tooth root surfaces the unique protein composition in Straumann Emdogain® FL is able to induce the regeneration of all periodontal tissues: cementum, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone and gingiva.

Features and benefits

Less surgeries

Adding Emdogain® to the initial phase of periodontal therapy helps avoiding the surgery by solving 42 % of the pockets non-surgically²⁰

More effective

Significantly improved pocket probing depth reduction compared to the SRP procedure without Emdogain²²

More efficient

Similar results at 12 and 24 months as if the surgery would have been performed²¹

Less pain and inflammation

The wound healing properties of Emdogain® reduce pain reported by patients and overall inflammation markers²³

Minimal invasive

A reduced invasiveness is allowed thanks to the new thinner cannula20 that has a diameter similar to a periodontal probe

Thinner applicator for flapless use

True periodontal regeneration can now be achieved without  open flap surgery for pockets with depth of 5 – 9 mm after  Scaling and Root planning (SRP) procedures were performed20

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Cultivating periodontal regeneration.

Straumann® Emdogain® FL - low-res
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Quick-guide for Emdogain® FL used during initial phase periodontal therapy.

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Straumann® Emdogain® FL

Therapy guide for gum pockets
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Videos & Animations

Emdogain® FL Spot 1 - Dental Hygienist

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Straumann® Emdogain® FL - Clinical Case Aimetti

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Adrian Kasaj about Emdogain (FL)

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Emdogain FL Teaser Video

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Emdogain® FL Spot 1 - Dental Hygienist

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Emdogain® FL Spot 2 - Dentist

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Emdogain® FL Spot 2 - Dentist

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Filippo Graziani about Emdogain (FL)

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Mario Aimetti about Emdogain (FL)

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Mario Roccuzzo about Emdogain (FL)

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Prof. Adrian Kasaj

Non-surgical application of Straumann® Emdogain® FL in a residual periodontal pocket of 8mm
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Straumann® BLX Implant System - interactive
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