Straumann® CARES®
P series

Strike a chord with precision and productivity.

The CARES® P series delivers a new dimension in fast and professional 3D printing to allow you to produce top-quality dental products in-house and on-demand. The CARES® P series provides new functions to improve quality, flexibility, productivity and efficiency.

  • High Quality

    Trust in reproducible results and premium quality from Straumann®.

  • Flexibility

    Full control and the ability to adapt the production process to meet individual needs.

  • Productivity

    Increase productivity and profitability from planning to production and finishing.

  • Efficiency

    Improve efficiency of your workflow and shorten turnaround times.

Straumann® CARES®

The professional 3D printer entry-level system for dental labs.

For dental labs who want to start using 3D printing technology with minimum investment  |  Peace of mind with reproducible precision and high quality  |  Easy-to-use, plug-and-play features  |  For labs who want material solutions tailored to their needs

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Straumann® CARES®
P20+ cartridge

The economic 3D printing solution for small labs.

Professional 3D printing solution with low investment  |  Economic, multiple use consumables reduce storage requirements and inventory

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Straumann® CARES®

Fast, flexible and semi-automated 3D printing for dental labs.

For medium-volume production  |  With high efficiency, reproducibility, precision and quality  |  Meets the needs of a broad range of indications and applications

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Straumann® CARES®

Professional solution for high-volume 3D dental printing.

For high-volume production  |  With maximum efficiency, reproducibility, precision and high quality  |  Meets the needs of a broad range of indications and applications

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CARES® P wash

Increase efficiency by automating the wash cycle.

Fully automatic cleaning in approx. 10 minutes  |  No contact with sticky resins and cleaning liquids  |  Touch display control  |  Computer-controlled programs ensure effective use of cleaning liquids

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CARES® P cure

The automated curing and finishing solution to ensure maximum performance.

Precise wavelength of light emission from integrated light source  |  Protective gas supply not required

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Straumann® P pro resins

A range of resins (available and planned):

Master model – Aligner model – Gingiva mask – Cast – Indirect bonding tray – Tray – Surgical guide – Bite splint – Try in – Denture base – Crown & bridge for temporary restaurations

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