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The time has come to embrace the future of digital dentistry: join in by integrating coDiagnostiX® into your laboratory workflow. Start providing top-notch treatment planning and production services for your professional network and further boost your efficiency with the power of AI.

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AI Assistant

AI-powered data preparation and visualization raising efficiency and user experience to the next level.

  • Faster and more detailed anatomy visualization
  • Increased productivity
  • Automated planning steps

NEW! AI-supported automated tooth extraction to complement immediate workflows.


The AI Assistant makes manual data preparation a procedure of the past and helps to save a lot of time, with high planning accuracy.

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Help your clinicians make their patients smile

Guided surgery

Produce a great variety of surgical guides and empower your clinicians with predictable outcomes for their patients.

Seamless collaboration

Support your clinicians with a full range of services and let them focus on their patients.

Immediate protocols

Optimally support your clinicians with immediate protocols by providing customized temporary restorations right at the time of surgery.

AI-powered efficiency

Increase your efficiency with the power of AI by replacing manual dataset preparation and applying automated procedures. 

Surgical guides with coDiagnostiX®

Full range of indications, such as implantation guides, bone reduction guides, endodontic guides and more.

Time-saving guide design wizard.

Tooth, gingiva, bone or pin support, plus combined variants available.

Palatal support, lateral fixation or even stacked solutions to facilitate edentulous cases.


Provide outstanding support for immediate temporization.

Integrated planning environment

Share cases between coDiagnostiX® and CARES Visual to facilitate real backward planning and naturally integrate prosthetic and surgical workflows.

Customized temporaries with surgery

Design temporary restorations and gingiva formers in CARES Visual based on the coDiagnostiX® treatment planning and make them available at the time of surgery

Immediate single tooth extraction workflow with coDiagnostiX®

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*The demo version must not be used for clinical purposes.

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