Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment  

For situations requiring added flexibility.

Key indications
Single-unit | Multi-unit | Edentulous treatment
Screw-retained | Fixed | Removable
Traditional | Digital
  • Flexibility

    Various abutment gingiva heights and three angulations allow to produce restorations for almost any patient’s anatomical situation.

  • Efficiency

    Same abutment platform designs (Ø 3.5 mm and Ø 4.6 mm) allow for a streamlined portfolio of tertiary components.

  • Design

    Angulated abutment with rounded shape designed for emergence profile and one-piece straight abutment.

  • Simplicity

    Only two diameters to cover the complete Straumann® Bone Level Implant line.

  • Reliability

    Original Straumann® CrossFit® connection ensures precision against rotation and long-term mechanical stability.

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Straumann® Dental System

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Scientific evidence

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