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The Straumann® Falcon Dynamic System comes with a small, lightweight and ergonomic design for easy and comfortable use. It provides technology-assisted guidance during implant surgery that puts you in control. With its distinctive features, it’s a revelation in real-time visualization and clinical insight, exploiting the benefits and flexibility of both freehand and guided surgery and supporting the proactive adaptation to the clinical situation.


You obtain a powerful real-time 3D visualization of the instrument position overlaid on your implant planning.


It gives you the freedom to adapt to the clinical situation evaluated during the surgery.


You can feel the bone and manage the soft tissues as in freehand in order to make the best informed decisions in immediate treatments and beyond.

Technical information

System components

Small camera on handpiece

Small marker for optimized comfort

Drill registration tool


Real-time visualization software

Workflow with Straumann® Falcon




What customers say

  • “Straumann® Falcon gives me the advantages of guidance with full visibility and control of my surgical area.”

    Dr. Kay Vietor

  • “Straumann® Falcon gives me flexibility during guided surgery and gives me security through visual feedback.”

    PhD Dr. Dr. Christian Naujoks

  • “Guided surgery with Straumann® Falcon means same-day surgery for your walk-in patients and portability, for your convenience.”

    Dr. Maja Chmielewska

  • “Straumann® Falcon gives me the full potential of free-hand implantology assisted by the insights of an intuitive 3-dimensional dynamic guidance.”

    Dr. med. dent. Tim Nolting

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Straumann® Falcon FAQs

How is the data creation process?

This is standard digital workflow = DICOM (CBCT) + STL (IOS). DICOM + STL files mandatory.

Which indications can be covered?

The current available version covers single and multi-unit indications.

What about edentoulus cases?

Edentoulus cases are planned to be covered in later stages.

How is case planning and digital tray production managed?

Case planning and digital tray production is currently done only via Smile in a Box® service of Straumann. In later stages, there are plans to enable coDiagnostiX planning and local guide production.

Find out if Straumann® Falcon is available in your country

Straumann® Falcon is currently available in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Great Britain

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