Straumann® Mini Implant System

Mini Implant. Maximum Trust.

Why trust the Straumann® Mini Implant System

Smiling, laughing and ­eating ­naturally add to a ­quality of life that every ­edentulous patient would love to maintain. Now you can provide edentulous patients presenting reduced horizontal bone availability with a less ­invasive1, immediate removable fixation of their overdenture. You and your patients can rely on a trusted brand, ­premium quality and long-term ­scientific evidence. Less invasive1 ­treatment plans, faster healing and less post-operative discomfort can help to overcome many patient doubts

Your benefits by using
the Straumann® Mini Implant System

  • Increase patient acceptance for implant treatment by eliminating bone augmentation

  • Offer more quality of life to more edentulous patients due to more secure fit of the removable dentures

  • Differentiate your practice with new gold standard material Roxolid® and see an increased practice revenue stream

  • Trust in Mini Implants: Straumann® Lifetime Guarantee.

Roxolid® – Proven quality

  • Peace of mind with mini implants
  • Higher mechanical strength compared to titanium2
  • The successful use of Roxolid® has been documented in numerous clinical trials with up to 5-year follow-ups3

SEM images on fibrin network, image courtesy of Empa, 2016

SLA® – Long-term scientific evidence

  • Predictability in osseointegration
  • Scientific evidence
  • Low prevalence of peri-implantitis
  • Bone preservation  

Optiloc® – Durability and efficiency

  • Less space needed

In combination, the materials PEEK4 and ADLC5 contribute to

  • excellent wear resistance
  • exceptional long-term performance
  • low maintenance
  • low friction between abutment and matrix

How does it work?

The Straumann® Mini Implant is placed and then immediately loaded with the removable denture. The procedure is minimally invasive1, which reduces level of discomfort for patients and reduces the healing time.

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1. if GBR can be avoided
2. Norm ASTM F67 (states min. tensile strength of annealed titanium).
4. ADLC: Amorphous diamond-like carbon
5. PEEK: Poly Ether Ether Ketone