#Immediacy 22. Apr 2022

Straumann® TLX Implant System: The next level of versatility

Since the introduction of its basic concept in the mid 1980s the Straumann® Tissue Level Implant System has proved exceptionally successful, in terms of both practitioner acceptance and long-term clinical results showing high tissue stability. In the Straumann® TLX Implant System the proven transgingival smooth collar is now combined with an implant and abutment connection design optimized for immediate and CADCAM workflows. This significantly extends the indication range of the Tissue Level, including patient-friendly non-augmentation cases.

The Tissue Level Story

It all started in 1986 with the ITI Bonefit® Implant System developed by the group led by André Schroeder, one of the pioneers of oral osseointegration…

“The future of implant dentistry lies in neck designs that pair a smooth surface in the transmucosal area with a micro-rough surface inside the bone ... TLX combines this concept with an innovative endosteal design.”

Prof. Dr. Daniel Buser, University of Berne

The new TLX in the eyes of international experts

What do international experts in implantology think about the new Straumann® TLX Implant System?

Features and benefits

Straumann® developed the TLX Implant System for efficient protocols, both from a surgical and prosthetic point of view.

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Tissue stability – minimally invasive

The Straumann® TLX Implant system was designed for tissue stability and minimally invasive surgery – including non-augmentation cases.

Picture taken from the case presentation by Dr. Salvesen on Youtooth


The Straumann® TLX Implant System is optimized for digital and immediate prosthetic protocols.

Clinical Cases

The Straumann® TLX Implant System can be used in a wide range of indications. See how experts solved their clinical cases…

Picture from the case presentation by Dr. Swart on Youtooth

How to become an expert

The Straumann® TLX Implant System is built on a strong basis of scientific studies and educational material.


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