Straumann® Guided Surgery

More than integrated workflows. Immediate digital tooth replacement.

Nowadays, patients require highest top quality and outstanding esthetic results, with a minimum number of appointments at the practice. To meet these expectations, seamless collaboration within the treatment team and network is crucial. Our integrated implant planning workflow offers innovative benefits for implant planning and prosthetic rehabilitation, together with an interdisciplinary team approach that increases efficiency and saves chair time during the surgical procedure.


Immediate customized restorations thanks to prosthetically-driven implant planning.


Maximization of treatment outcomes through fully digital collaborative planning.


Differentiation of your dental practice with the integrated workflow that enhances your patients’ trust and confidence.


Efficient surgical procedures thanks to Straumann® Guided Surgery instruments.

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Planning power at your fingertips.

DWOS Synergy™

More confidence within a fully connected team.

DWOS Synergy™ opens up a completely seamless and time-saving workflow between dentist and laboratory. It lets the dentist and lab technician plan the case collaboratively online in real-time, so that the prosthetic outcome can be considered when planning placement. The coDiagnostiX™ implant planning data can be transferred to CARES® Visual, while the restorative plan comes from the lab technician. Both applications provide complete data visualization in order to achieve real-time surgical and restorative case planning.


Completely seamless workflow between coDiagnostiX™ and Straumann® CARES® Visual.


Online case sharing and communication with other coDiagnostiX™ users through caseXchange™ to ensure that the expectations of all participants, including the patient, are met.

Straumann® Guided Instruments

More than efficiency during the surgical procedure.

Straumann® Guided Instruments are used for fully guided implant bed preparation in combination with a surgical template that follows the Straumann® surgical protocol provided by the planning software. This increases efficiency and helps save chair time during the surgical procedure.


Straumann® Drill Handles with ergonomic design, color-coding and symbol-marked. Straumann® Guided Drills are designed with a collar for physical depth control. The guided transfer piece fits the surgical sleeve and ensures fully guided implant insertion providing physical depth control with the stop key.


Thanks to the implant rotational markers on the surgical template, the marking on the bone level guided transfer piece helps visualize the implant connection position (i.e. more treatment options, like designing and producing attractive provisional CARES® restorations prior to the surgery).


Drill handle cylinders fit into the sleeve to ensure precise drilling guidance.

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