Patients stories

Learn more about how dental implants treatments and orthodontics treatments have changed people's lives.

  • Resheemah's Story

    Resheemah is 49 years old and lives in California, US. She works as an advocate for at-risk and homeless individuals in her local community. Because of health problems, she began to lose her first teeth at age 18.

  • Renato's Story

    Renato is 21 years old and lives in Santiago, Chile and is dedicated to music. He had an accident that  fractured his jaw and cracked his chin. Six teeth came out during the fall.

  • Lorena's Story

    Lorena is 33 years old and lives in Atami, Brazil where she works as a personal trainer. She also is a mother of three children. She wanted an orthodontic treatment that fitted in with her intense daily exercise routine.

  • Cao's Story

    Cao is 60 years old and lives in Beijing, China, with her husband. She had lost her front teeth and needed a highly esthetic replacement.

  • Adam's Story

    Adam is 79 years old and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a jolly retiree who needed an affordable treatment with the minimum amount of surgery possible.

  • Marco's Story

    Marco is 54 years old. He lives in Curitiba, Brazil. He had lost his front teeth due to health problems and this meant he had not been able to eat correctly for 7 years.

Let them shine

  • Ryan's story

    This is the story of how Ryan got his smile back with help from Dr. Haygood and Straumann's "Let Them Shine" Program.

  • Julius’ story

    Watch how Let Them Shine transformed Julius’ smile with the incredible support of his doctors: Drs. Chris Kimmel and Tyler Rushing.

  • Sheilah's Story

    Watch how Let Them Shine transformed Sheilah’s smile with the incredible support of Dr. Ryan Lange.

The "Let Them Shine" Program is an initiative supported by talented clinicians, and generously funded by Straumann Group employees in North America, to provide free dental implant therapy to patients who cannot afford treatment.