The MEDENTiKA® History

MEDENTiKA® is a pioneer in digital dentistry. Aiming for increased efficiency, we support dental professionals with innovative ways to implement a digital workflow in daily practice, providing freedom and flexibility. See how our journey began:

Foundation of MEDENTiKA®

In 2005, MEDENTiKA® was founded by Bernd Gaddum, Frank Fix & Jürgen Kälber in Hügelsheim, Germany. Their goal was to offer high quality abutments at a fair price. But what does the company look like today? Find out more here!

Birth of the Titanium base

In 2007, MEDENTiKA®'s first generation of the titanium base emerged on the market. Thus, the pioneer of titanium bases and our market entry was accomplished. But rest assured that this was only our first milestone...




  • Our first catalog covered 16 pages and contained 131 items
  • Our current catalog consists of 300 pages and contains over 4,500 items

MPS Catalog

Download our current MPS Catalog here:

«We’ve built MEDENTiKA® with a passion for speed, precision and teamwork, and thanks to our drive for success, we’ve changed the face of dentistry in just 15 years.»


Initially, we focused purely on the production of Multi-Platform Systems. But the feedback from our customers was overwhelming and soon they also demanded that we manufacture our own implants. So in 2009 we developed our first high-precision implant...

Our Implant Portfolio Today

In fact, today our implant portfolio already consists of 4 different implant systems.

Titanium base 2nd Generation

In 2011, the 2nd generation titanium base was developed. With two chimney heights and its adapted emergence profile, it offers more variety.

PreFace abutments - The Digital Game Changer

In 2013 we developed our MEDENTiKA® PreFace abutments - The digital game changer. The PreFace abutments are available in CoCr or titanium.

Aquisition by Straumann

In 2013, Straumann acquired a majority stake in MEDENTiKA®. Read on to find out how the integration progressed!

First Production Site - Renningen

However, as we grew as a company, we needed more capacity. So we founded our first production site in Renningen near Stuttgart.
This allowed us to maintain our ‘Made in Germany’ philosophy.

#Made in Germany

Novaloc® & Optiloc®

In 2016, Optiloc® and Novaloc® were launched for a large number of implant systems. The properties of our ADLC (amorphous diamond like carbon) surface are outstanding.

Novaloc® & Optiloc®

In 2016, Optiloc® and Novaloc® were launched for a large number of implant systems. The properties of our ADLC (amorphous diamond like carbon) surface are outstanding.

Straumann Group Member

Also in 2016, MEDENTiKA® became a member of the Straumann Group.

We are constantly perfecting our products for you.

And your feedback always flows into our work.


Titanium base ASC Flex

Since 2018, the state-of-the-art Titanium base ASC Flex guarantees maximum flexibility with its angled screw channel, four variable chimney heights and an optimized, slim emergence profile.

MEDENTiKA® Titanium base - The Evolution

New Production Site & MedentiTEC

In 2020 our new production site with around 11,700 m² was built in Calw, Germany. The in-house Training & Education Center MedentiTEC, with its panoramic glass walls, is positioned above the production hall and offers dynamic insights into the production process.

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MEDENTiKA® - Loved by labs, valued by dentists and
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