Are there guarantees? YES, UP TO LIFETIME

Up to lifetime for MPS and IPS – For absolute safety and maximum reliability

When you work with Medentika® materials you can be sure you’re in safe hands. Medentika® not only assumes lifetime responsibility for the quality and durability of Medentika® abutments manufactured and supplied by us, but we also meet the guarantee policy on implants of other manufacturers – up to lifetime – used in an approved combination – with our abutments.

This extended guarantee primarily takes effect if other manufacturers limit the guarantee of their implant because it has been used in combination with an abutment from Medentika®.


3 years guarantee
MedentiLOC abutment, replacement with an equivalent MedentiLOC abutment*
10 years guarantee
Novaloc®/Optiloc® abutment, replacement with an equivalent Novaloc®/Optiloc® abutment*
Lifetime guarantee
Replacement with an equivalent metal abutment


Lifetime guarantee
Replacement with an equivalent implant**

Lifetime guarantee
Refund for the third-party implant

* except matrices and inserts, as these are subject to natural wear.
** Each guarantee case of the Minicone implant will be reviewed due to its integrated prosthetic retention system and the possible associated abrasion.