This is MEDENTiKA®

Passion for precision

MEDENTiKA® staff are dedicated and committed to perfecting products.

Over 70 connections.

Our wide range offers excellent prosthetics for all major implant systems

Lifetime guarantee

The guarantee covers not only the quality and durability of the abutment – there is also a warranty on the implant from the respective manufacturer.

Made in Germany

MEDENTiKA® quality is where precision craftsmanship and industrial manufacturing have a long tradition: in Germany. 

A leading company for prosthetic compatible, finished and customized implant components.

MEDENTiKA® has character

"In 2005 we set out with an aim to bring excellent products to the market at a fair price. And we have succeeded.”

Standard – we consider this to be nothing less than first class quality. Anything else is a waste of time, energy and material. Our customers deliver the very best in their laboratories and practices. They deserve a perfect range of products at affordable prices. And it is for them that we founded MEDENTiKA® in 2005. We prove that quality no longer has to be a luxury. We see it as a question of character. In a world that is more and more subject to the laws of the market, we have deliberately decided to choose a different path.

Since then we have been supplying dental technicians, dentists and their patients with absolutely reliable abutments, implant components and implant systems we have developed ourselves. All products are made in Germany. We also place great value on compatibility, durability and realistic prices.

MEDENTiKA® is passion

"Knowledge and experience alone are not enough. If you want to achieve something, you need passion."

We believe in the power of our ideas. Our work is not simply a way of earning a living - it is a passion. As a team we go the whole nine yards. Experience and curiosity, idealism, knowledge, patience, energy – and a slightly Robin Hood style maverick approach. We simply enjoy making our customers happy with our excellent products.