MedentiCAD | Customized prosthetic functional and high precision implementation

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Either with or without CADCAM system ... everything is possible.

Exclusive support

We offer personal support.

Construct ...

Independent construction of customized, single-unit abutments

.... or model

You model your abutment with the aid of the MedentiCAD wax-up base

MedentiCAD bridges and bars

MedentiCAD bridges and bars provide you with the option of creating customized, multi-unit CADCAM fabricated bar and bridge restorations on MedentiBASE abutments. You can choose between bar and bridge restorations screw-retained directly on MedentiBASE abutments or bar and bridge restorations screw-retained with MedentiBASE adhesive caps for a passive fit. The existing CAD system can be used in combination with our free MedentiCAD library for bridges and bars for this, without having to make further investments. You send the bridge or bar design you have created via the MedentiCAD log-in area. After receipt of the design data, the designed bridge or bar will be manufactured to the highest precision and delivered to you.


MedentiCAD abutments | Significant advantages in comparison to standard abutments

  • for optimum aesthetics thanks to anatomical design of the emergence profile
  • simple and safe removal of cement residues thanks to ideal design of the preparation margins
  • ideal crown support and stability for the restoration
  • saves an enormous amount of time as further milling of the abutment is not required

MedentiCAD | Procedure

3Shape, Dental Wings or Exocad library 

Variant 1: You work with a CAD system from 3Shape, Dental Wings or Exocad. Then you can construct your own customized abutments digitally with our free MedentiCAD library.

MedentiCAD wax-up base without CAD design software

Variant 2: If you don't work with a CAD system ... no problem! You manually model your abutment using the MedentiCAD wax-up base, and we produce it for you.

  1. You simply manually model the abutment shape you would like using our MedentiCAD wax-up base 
  2. Create the order in the MedentiCAD log-in area of our internet page and send the waxed up abutment to MEDENTiKA in the packaging supplied.