Excellence in immediacy

Innovation meets heritage.

The Straumann® solutions for immediacy provide a unique, holistic system that deliver unrivaled primary stability with unsurpassed healing capabilities in combination with a fully integrated digital workflow, that offer advantages for both clinician and patient. Immediate implant placement results in higher patient comfort and acceptance through fewer surgical interventions and shorter treatment cycles. For the clinician this means increased efficiency and profitability by reducing chair time, enhanced patient satisfaction, and the possibility to develop more business opportunities. This means that both dentist and patient can rely on excellence in immediacy and have total confidence in the outcome.

  • Immediate protocols

    Immediate procedures are clinically well documented. 
    High survival rates, comparable to conventional protocols.

  • For the clinician this means

    Develop and capitalize on new business opportunities by addressing increasing patient demand.
    Shorter treatment times.
    Enhanced patient satisfaction.

  • For the patient this means

    Fewer dentist visits.
    Shorter treatment cycle.

  • The Straumann® Promise

    Backed by clinical and scientific evidence.
    Legendary Straumann® precision, surface and material.
    A comprehensive range of prosthetic options.
    Fully integrated Digital Solution Portfolio.