Straumann ® CARES® Abutment

Custom made excellence on demand

The CARES® abutment portfolio comprises tailor made solutions for single and multi-unit prosthetic reconstructions from a variety of different materials, offered through our centralized milling centers. Benefit from the high design flexibility and create the desired customized shape and emergence profile to best meet your individual patients needs.

Key indications
Single-unit | Multi-unit
Cement-retained | Screw-retained
ZrO2 | Ti | TAN | CoCr
Implant Systems
BL | BLT (+SDI) | BLX | TL | TLX
Implant Connections
SC, NC, RC | RB/WB, WB | RN, WN | NT, RT, WT

  • Esthetics

    Uncompromised patient specific emergence profile

  • Tailor made

    Customized shape according to the clinical situation

  • Diverse

    Variety of materials, direct veneering, access to centralized milling

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Straumann® CARES® Prosthetics
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Straumann® CARES® Implant-borne prosthetics

Basic Information
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