Straumann® P2P Program

Restoring quality of life in one day

Straumann solutions put to test of everyday conditions

The Straumann P2P (Peer-to-Peer) program represents a unique breakthrough in partnering with clinicians and linking research to clinical excellence. In P2P Surgical Events, Straumann solutions are put to test of everyday conditions. Within a short timeframe of a few days, multiple patients are provided by selected clinicians with implant-borne restorations on the same day as the treatment. The goal is also to mentor highly experienced clinicians and to give them the confidence to explore new technologies and procedures outside their comfort zone in a controlled and secure manner.

Sarcelles, France: “Un jour, un sourire” – new teeth in just one day at the AFOPI

From 17 to 19 July 2014, Dr Jean-Louis Zadikian in Sarcelles, France, together with his team, treated edentulous patients free of charge for three days. 14 patients were selected beforehand and operated on in his clinic which is also home to the AFOPI Campus (Association Française des Omnipraticiens Pratiquant l’Implantologie). All patients were given a bridge fixed to implants in both the mandible and maxilla. The remaining damaged teeth were removed and immediately afterwards the implants were placed. Immediately after the surgery, the prosthetics laboratory made the new temporary teeth which were fitted in the patient the same day. The temporary remains in the mouth for 3-6 months before it is replaced by the final prosthesis.

Warsaw, Poland: More than 27 edentulous jaws restored in 4 days

March 2016: together with our Polish Distributor, Schmidtdental (, Straumann set up a 4-day surgical event with 22 patients (27 edentulous jaw cases) in Warsaw. Lead by Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski, 15 selected clinicians took part in this event, which put to the test of daily practice the Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant (BLT) in combination with Straumann® Guided Surgery (now BLT-ready) and the Straumann® Pro Arch solution. One of the key goals was to provide these top surgeons with a unique clinical experience to fully convince them of the Straumann solutions.

Boston, USA: 28 Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implants in 5 days

December 2016: Together with Straumann, Drs. Paul Fugazzotto and Anya Rost ( partnered with their referring dentists and Dickerman Dental Laboratory ( to create a 5-day surgical peer-to-peer event in their practice near Boston. 28 Straumann PURE implants were placed using computer guided surgery, and were immediately restored with provisional crowns.