Original components

Show that your lab does not compromise on quality and precision

Straumann® Original Quality Label

We share the same passion for quality and precision – so let’s reach our goals together!

Your lab: with your craftsmanship – Straumann: with our reliable technologies, services and products that ensure precise and high-quality ­restorations that meet the demands of today’s dentists and patients.

Dental technicians resemble artists in many respects

It’s their love of detail, high-standard craftsmanship and in-depth know-how that form the basis for outstanding restorations, giving many people back a quality of life long forgotten. But are these high standards of dental labs noticed by their target groups? Are dentists actually aware of the small nuances that can lead to either success or failure of an implant-borne restoration? The workmanship of labs is one of the pillars that ensure treatment success. Straumann wants to support labs in showing off their expertise to customers. As a leading supplier in the field of implant dentistry, Straumann itself has a reputation for its passion for precision. With the use of premium quality products from Straumann, labs can underline their value proposition. With a new marketing package, Straumann wants to support labs using original Straumann components in raising awareness of the high-quality services that are offered by them.

Our mission is clear

Because your business is constantly evolving, Straumann is evolving with you. Our clear mission is to offer you continuous and strong support for making your dental lab business a success. Because, for every Straumann implant restored by your lab, you can rely on quality, outstanding precision and the protection of your margins.

Straumann® Original Quality label: stand out from the crowd!

For every Straumann implant restored by your lab, you can rely on quality, outstanding precision and the protection of your margins. From the very first purchase of an original Straumann abutment, labs not only benefit from Straumann’s proven quality, but are also supported in promoting their expertise to current and potential customers. The Straumann® Original Quality label plays a substantial role in this promotion flow.


If you like to learn more about this special initiative for your lab or if you would like to become an ambassador of original Straumann products, get in touch with your local Straumann sales rep for more information.

Even more benefits for “Straumann® Original Ambassadors”!

Labs that are fully convinced by the exclusive use of original Straumann components can become “Straumann® Original Ambassadors” and use this unique selling proposition for their promotion.

  • Customized certificate: show that your lab does not compromise on quality and that it does not work with look-alike products but only uses original high-quality components.
  • Quality label: use the Straumann® Original Quality label on your documents and in your communication channels (e.g. invoices, stationery, website, social media etc.)
  • Sample letter: a template letter to inform your customers or prospects about the high quality your lab is delivering
  • Lab finder: “Straumann® Original Ambassadors” are listed in our lab finder. This is an online platform where dentists can search for labs that meet the strict criteria for inclusion. This way, searching dentists are immediately drawn to the exclusive selection of Straumann® Original Ambassadors.

Availability: Please note that the products, solutions, services or initiatives described in this article may not (yet) be available everywhere. Please contact the official Straumann representative in your country for specific information.