Straumann® BLX implant system

Confidence beyond Immediacy.

Straumann® BLX, the winning combination of innovative design and surface technology with high-performance material designed for predictable results you can trust.

  • Dynamic Bone Management

    The intelligent implant concept allows for Straumann Dynamic Bone Management and is designed for immediate protocols in all bone types.

  • Esthetic Ease Concept

    Simplified but versatile portfolio, featuring one connection and under-contoured prosthetics to deliver esthetics with ease.

  • Beyond Immediacy

    Designed for immediacy, and also suitable for all other treatment protocols – ranging from immediate to conventional placement and loading – to suit the dentist’s preference.

  • Real Confidence

    Swiss precision and quality with Roxolid® material and SLActive® surface - technologies backed by long-term scientific evidence.

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Meet the leader of the dental pride

Come into the lions cave to experience the Straumann® BLX first-hand. We are touring the country with events, hands-on courses and more.

Straumann® BLX Brochure

Sink your teeth into the technical product details of the Straumann® BLX implant system. The strength of its features and benefits will make you want to experience the confidence beyond immediacy right away.

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Straumann® VeloDrill™ System for Guided Surgery

Basic Information
702526/en/D/03 01/20 702526 07.08.2020 PDF, 3 MB Download

Immediate fixed rehabilitation using Straumann® Pro Arch with Straumann® BLX implants

Clinical case - low-res
490.519/en/A/00 04/19 12.06.2019 PDF, 3 MB Download

Straumann® VeloDrill™ System

High performance. Low temperature.
490.322/en/A/00 02/19 20.03.2019 PDF, 1003 KB Download
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Videos & Animations

Straumann® BLX Trailer

BLX Product Animation
V0137-en 13.02.2019 MP4, 218 MB

BLX - Behind the Scene Video

Facts and Figures behind the Project
V0221-EN 15.02.2019 MP4, 515 MB

BLX Drilling Protocol

BLX Product Animation
V0135-en 18.12.2018 MP4, 804 MB

BLX Immediate placement and provisional loading

BLX Indication Animation
V0167-EN 15.02.2019 MP4, 518 MB

BLX Product Teaser

BLX Product Animation
V0138-en 18.12.2018 MP4, 215 MB

BLX Prosthetics Consistent Emergence Profile

BLX Prosthetics Animation
V0161-EN 15.02.2019 MP4, 277 MB

BLX Prosthetics RB/WB RB Connection

BLX Prosthetics Animation
V0163-EN 15.02.2019 MP4, 304 MB

BLX Prosthetics TorcFit Connection

BLX Prosthetics Animation
V0162-EN 15.02.2019 MP4, 266 MB

BLX Surgical Cassette Features instruments

BLX Product Animation
V0134-en 18.12.2018 MP4, 374 MB

Straumann® BLX - Immediate posterior implant placement

V0168 A/00 2019 14.05.2019 MP4, 534 MB

Straumann® BLX Intro - Designed for immediate treatment.

V0389-en A/00 07/20 15.07.2020 MP4, 34 MB

Straumann® Modular Cassette

A cassette that grows with you
V0178-en A/02 2019 22.05.2019 MP4, 495 MB

Straumann® Pro Arch with Straumann® BLX implants

Step by step animation
V0311-EN 19.03.2020 MP4, 343 MB
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