COVID-19 business continuity insights for dental practices and DSO

The following resources provide a comprehensive overview on COVID-19 business continuity and recovery insights for dental practices and Dental Service Organizations (DSO).

Key challenges and core measures

Coronavirus COVID-19: Key challenges and core measures for DSOs to consider

The document contains general COVID-19 facts and typical chain of events (Europe, China), a specific checklist for DSO regarding COVID-19, as well as challenges and measures during chain of events based on European experiences. This document has been created for you by the DSO Management Team of the Straumann Group.

COVID-19 implications on DSO clinic operations and management

The document contains a point of view on implications and measures that can be considered in the operation of DSO clinics post lockdown, reflecting on patient and dental staff safety and confidence as well as the patient journey and clinic operations.

Furthermore, it provides a differentiated view on core measures considering different states of alert, as the return to a “new normal” in patient care and clinical operations progresses.

“COVID-19 implications on DSO clinic operations and management” has been created for you by Dr. Julian Perry ({my}dentist) with contributions, feedback and editorial reviews from Dr. Eddie Coyle (Colosseum Dental Group) and Dr. Rebecca Sadler (Portman Dental Care) and Prof. Dr. Zhuan Bian (Dean & Professor, School & Hospital of Stomatology, Wuhan University).

VirtualCheck and Monitoring Light: your solutions for Tele Dentistry

Tele dentistry solutions allow dental professionals to connect with their patients remotely and supports treatment continuity. VirtualCheck and Monitoring Light are unique solutions providing virtual consults for new patients, maintaining booked appointments through online checks, and allows for strong and recurrent communication with on-going patients via a virtual environment.

All our solutions are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and available for you.

Interested in learning more about VirtualCheck? Please find enclosed explanatory video:

Interested in Photo Monitoring Light?

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Resource Center: useful information, best practices and checklists for you

Find enclosed useful information, best practices and checklist around clinical operations and patient communication. 

North American Dental Group: COVID-19 Resources for Dental Professionals

Developed by the Dental Advisory Board of the Professional Dental Alliance supported by North American Dental Group

Colosseum Dental Group: COVID-19 NEWS HUB for continuous information and to dental professionals and patients

Colosseum Dental Group is continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation very carefully and provides useful information and insights with regards to preparation steps for both, dental professional and patients.

Training & Education for Dental Professionals

Straumann Group is dedicated to support and enable the development and skills for dental professionals. It’s time for education. We are boosting our online education offering for you.

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#TimeForEducation. Join us for virtual ClearCorrect Training & Education.

The ClearCorrect Team is here to support your education needs in a virtual setting. Whether you are new to the ClearCorrect Clear Aligner System or have already submitted your first few cases, we offer a wide variety of webinars to guide you through your journey. This virtual series taken in its entirety provides the clinical and business tools for patient and office team success.

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