Straumann® Original components

The foundation of genuine quality.

Original components from Straumann make the difference. When you choose original Straumann® components, you receive a high-precision product of exceptional quality. The perfect match of Straumann implants and abutments results in excellent fatigue test performance, while the exceedingly thorough inspection process ensures consistent quality across all original Straumann® components. Convinced? Become a Straumann® Original Ambassador!


Convincing in-vitro study results: excellent fatigue strength performance.1


Design harmony for a perfectly matching system thanks to precise dimensions, tolerances and material compositions.


High-end manufacturing precision.


Bridging trust in  Straumann® implant systems.


Assured availability of prosthetic components (Straumann® Classic service).


Access to Straumann’s exceptional service and support.


Documented clinical long-term evidence.2

Peace of Mind

Straumann® Guarantee for prosthetic components.

Straumann® Original for dentists

When failure is not an option.

Your work­manship plays a key role in the process of implant insertion and prosthetic restoration – as do the quality of the products that are used. With an ever-increa­sing number of third-party products, how can you tell if a restoration uses a Straumann® original or a lookalike? We are convinced that the use of original components is critical for long-term treatment success. For this reason, all of our abutments are endorsed with the Straumann® Original seal of quality.

Peace of Mind

Clear and transparent workflow thanks to special seal and labelling for lab orders.


To ensure the use of Straumann® original components throughout the restoration process, choose a committed lab via the Straumann® Lab Finder.


Verify the authenticity of the components by checking whether the 2 stripes of the Straumann logo are on the abutment connection. Or use our online verification tool.

Straumann® Classic

With the Straumann® Classic service we commit to continuity and availability of prosthetic components for all Straumann® implants since 1974.  

Straumann® Original for labs

Become an ambassador and show that you don’t compromise on quality.

If you are convinced of original Straumann® components, you can show your customers that your lab doesn't compromise on quality. Actively communicate the high-class workmanship of your lab and use this as a unique selling proposition by becoming an official “Straumann® Original Ambassador”. Interested? Get in touch with your sales rep – extensive support will be provided by us.


A customized, visible proof of quality demonstrating that you use original high-quality components only.

Quality label

Use the official Straumann® Original quality label on your documents and in your communication channels.

Sample letter

A template letter to inform your customers or prospects about the high quality your lab is delivering.

Lab finder

As a “Straumann Original Ambassador” you are listed in our Lab Finder where dentists can look for labs that work with Straumann products and services and follow the highest quality standards.

Brochures and videos

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1 Kim SK, Koak JY, Heo JS, Taylor TD, Ryoo S, Lee SY: Screw loosening with interchangeable abutments in internally connected implants after cyclic loading.Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2012; 27:42-47. 2  Wittneben JG, Buser D, Salvi GE, Bürgin W: Complication and failure rates with implant-supported fixed dental prostheses and single crowns: A 10 y retrospective study. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2013