Straumann® Pro Arch

Tailored to fit. Designed to last. 

Straumann® Pro Arch enables personalized treatment protocols for implant-borne fixed full-arch restorations. Leverage the Straumann Dental Implant System combined with the Prosthetics portfolio to treat different clinical situations with predictable outcomes.1-6

Treatment options

Variety of treatment options to address specific indications and different patient’s needs.

SLActive® for compromised patients

Peace of mind treating even compromised patients with diabetes, cancer or smokers. Learn more about SLActive® >

Immediate loading

BLT and BLX implants designed for primary stability and immediate loading.

Ultimate restorative flexibility

Straumann® prosthetic portfolio addresses patient’s high esthetic expectations and financial resources.

Reduced invasiveness with Roxolid®

Narrow and short implants enable clinicians to preserve the bone and avoid bone grafting in some clinical situations with low bone volume. Learn more about Roxolid® >

Practice growth

Immediate loading offering, patient communication and practice growth tools can support your practice growth.

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Seamless integration and efficiency at every stage

Straumann® ImmediaXy™ covers all stages of an immediate treatment workflow: data acquisitionplanning & designsurgery and restoration and provides an end-to-end solutions.

Learn more about our immediate treatment solutions

Straumann® Smile in a Box

Gain time and cost efficiency.

Our digital, modular, integrated treatment planning and manufacturing service to cover your surgical and prosthetic indications. You select the services you require, and we deliver everything you need for your treatment in one box. Your modular alternative to in-house production.

Straumann® Pro Arch BLX

New confidence, flexibility and efficiency with one system.

One system for most full-arch challenges of the immediate full-arch rehabilitation. Straumann® BLX implant is designed for primary stability and offers you treatment flexibility with the high-performance Roxolid®1, 2 combined with the clinically proven SLActive®3-6 and provides confidence beyond immediacy.

Straumann® Pro Arch TLX

Iconic Tissue Level meets Immediacy.

The design of the Straumann® TLX Implant takes into account key biological principles of hard and soft tissue healing. It is designed to significantly reduce the risk of inflammation and bone resorption as the implant-abutment interface is moved away from the bone.

Straumann® TLX offers the simplicity of the direct to implant workflow and a broad choice of implants for challenging full-arch situation.

Straumann® Pro Arch BLT

Versatility and predictability.

The Straumann® Bone Level Tapered (BLT) Implant delivers proven reliable primary stability1-3. BLT is a powerful combination of Roxolid®, SLA® and SLActive®, Bone Control Design™, CrossFit® connection, prosthetic diversity, and an apically tapered design.

The tapered form compresses the underprepared osteotomy and is designed to let you effectively master the challenges of full-arch rehabilitation.

Case videos

  • Case video

    Louwrens Swart/Paul van Zyl: Immediate full-arch restoration with Straumann® Pro Arch BLX

  • Case video

    Helena Francisco: Immediate full-arch restoration with Straumann® Pro Arch BLX

  • Case video

    Edmond Bedrossian: Immediate double arch restoration with Straumann® Pro Arch BLX

  • Case video

    Dr. Dr. med. Dennis Rohner, cfc Hirslanden, Aarau and team, and dental technician Peter Bucher: Straumann Pro Arch procedure - a screw-retained, full-arch restoration with immediate temporary restoration in the maxilla.

  • Case video

    Louwrens “Blackie” Swart and Paul Van Zyl, South Africa.: mmediate restoration with Straumann® Pro Arch using four straight Straumann® BLT implants.

  • Case video

    Prof. Massimo Frosecchi, Italy: Straumann® Pro Arch. Immediate guided implant placement and loading (using 6 straight Straumann® BLT implants).

What clinicians say

  • Dr. Inge De Latte, Belgium

    "Ideal implant to place in extraction sockets due to the VeloDrills. If you search for an all in one implant solution for immediate loading, BLX has it all. Even in challenging cases you get very good primary stability so no need to worry any more. "

  • Straumann Live @IDS2019: Interview with Ricardo Mitrani

    Testimonial video

  • Dr. Daniel Robles Cantero, Spain

    "The Straumann Pro Arch BLX is an easy treatment thanks to the versatility and the simplicity of the implant system, the primary stability is good and the Roxolid and SLActive surface do the rest."

  • Dr. Edmond Bedrossian – Straumann® BLX Implant System

    Testimonial video

  • Professor Carames, Portugal

    "Straumann BLX is a good additional tool for the full-arch rehabilitation, especially in the soft bone and extraction sockets it gives high primary stability."

  • Dr. Barbara Sobczak, Poland

    "It does not block even in very hard bone. The use of BLX gives you the certainty of the primary stability that allows the immediate loading, which can be promised to the patient."

  • Prof. Helena Francisco, Portugal

    "BLX has great features for the immediate loading of full-arch cases: aggressive thread design allows good stability even in the soft bone, one connection for all the implant diameters simplifies the prosthetic portfolio, 6 positions for the screw-retained abutment. No edges in the angled screw-retained abutments helps the soft tissues to adept better."

  • Dr. Daniel Alves, Portugal

    "One of the valuable features is the design of the screw-retained abutment. So if you want to keep it simple and safe, use BLX."

  • Dr. Massimo Frosecchi, Italy

    "Best surface and material ever with an incredible shape."

  • Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski, Poland

    "Extremely efficient system for immediate indications with optimized prosthetic solutions."

  • Dr. Francisco Barbosa, Spain

    "It’s the most complete solution for fully and partially edentulous patients and digitally enabled."

  • Dr. Blackie Swart, USA

    "Reliable primary stability, uniform prosthetic management, predictable consistent result and long term confidence in Roxolid strength."

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