Investigator-initiated Studies

Status Study Description Primary Investigator Primary Test Product Publication(s)
Completed 10 year outcomes of a prospective cohort study of 250 patients with Straumann SLA soft tissue level implants Ten Bruggenkate, Christiaan Tissue Level Titanium SLA PMID 25370914
Follow-up Patient-centered outcomes and clinical performance of removable maxillary overdentures retained by diameter-reduced Straumann Roxolid implants
Zembic, Anja Tissue Level Roxolid SLActive PMID23899103
PMID 23581398
Follow-up Up to 10-year clinical performance of >4500 Straumann dental implants in private practice French, David Tissue Level Titanium SLA PMID 25134415
Follow-up Diameter-reduced Straumann Roxolid implants for immediate restoration Lambert, France Bone Level Roxolid SLActive PMID 24766161
In progress Mandibular fixed overdentures anchored by a combination of Straumann Roxolid implants of short and conventional lenght Calvo Guirado, José Luis Tissue Level Roxolid SLActive 4mm Journey of osseointegration
Follow-up Long-term clinical performance of Straumann Roxolid versus titanium implants for single tooth replacement Benic, Goran I. Bone Level Roxolid SLActive PMID 24015975
Follow-up Patient-centered, economic and clinical aspects of digital versus conventional implants prosthetic workflows
Joda, Tim CADCAM abutments PMID 25179680
PMID 25864771
Follow-up Immediate loading of complete fixed prothesis supported by four Straumann Bone Level SLActive implants Piano, Sergio Bone Level Titanium SLActive PMID 25808606
Completed Nonradiological method for 3-dimensional implant position assessment
von See, Constantin Guided surgery PMID 25192152
Follow-up Early loading of Straumann Bone Level SLActive implants in the posterior maxilla Markovic, Aleksa Bone Level Titanium SLActive PMID 24461229