Prosthetic efficiency

Elegance beyond efficiency.

Only the true professional gives a performance with effortless grace. This natural elegance comes through sheer passion and drive for perfection over time. With Straumann® Prosthetic Solutions you will create natural beauty by uniting your craft with prosthetic flexibility, reliability and efficiency – for a perfect performance of your own.

  • Flexibility

    A comprehensive and flexible portfolio with always the right solution.

  • Reliability

    Unequalled precision and constant high quality, driven by perfection.

  • Efficiency

    Streamlined workflows and effective outsourcing.



CARES® X-Stream™ restorative options

Material overview - low res
490.369/en/C/00 03/20 14.04.2020 PDF, 411 KB Download

Performance. Partnership. Perfection.

Prosthetic Efficiency
490.305/en/B /00 07/18 08.11.2018 PDF, 1 MB Download

Step-by-step instructions on the intraoral scanbodies

Basic Information
152.820/en/C/02 10/20 702063 20.10.2020 PDF, 470 KB Download

Straumann® Angled Solutions (AS)

Flexibility and precision from a different angle - low-res
490.282/en/C/00 02/19 30.01.2017 PDF, 2 MB Download

Straumann® CARES® Abutment CoCr (straight & AS)

Uncompromising quality. Efficient use. - low-res
490.267/en/B/00 01/18 30.01.2017 PDF, 321 KB Download

Straumann® Ceramic Healing Abutments

The first step to harmonious softtissue healing - low-res
490.490/en/B/00 11/19 11.12.2019 PDF, 1 MB Download

Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment

Continuous improvements and portfolio completions - low-res
490.560/en/A/00 09/2019 20.11.2019 PDF, 425 KB Download

Straumann® Variobase®

Basic Information
490.062/en/E/04 11/20 702087 02.09.2020 PDF, 3 MB Download

Straumann® Variobase®

Beyond a common Ti-base. Efficiency and flexibility in balance.
490.288/en/E/00 02/21 10.02.2021 PDF, 2 MB Download
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Videos & Animations

Additional SRA protective cap with a new shape

V0552-en 07/20 13.07.2020 MP4, 30 MB

BL/BLT, BLX Immediate Temporary Abutment

Step-by-step animation
V0583-en 21.09.2020 MP4, 70 MB

New thinner SRA TAN coping for temporary restorations

V0551-en 07/20 13.07.2020 MP4, 36 MB

One-piece straight Screw-Retained Abutment (SRA)

V0549-en 07/20 13.07.2020 MP4, 26 MB

Straumann® Prosthetic Solutions

Elegance beyond efficiency. Performance dedicated to perfection.
V0067-en 01.06.2017 MP4, 25 MB
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Scientific evidence

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Product Catalog 2021

Straumann® BLX Implant System - high-res
450.012/en/D/00 01/21 PDF, 15 MB Download

Product Catalog 2021

Straumann® BLX Implant System - interactive
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Product Catalog 2019/2020

Straumann International Edition - interactive
452.200/en/D/00 07/19 15.11.2019 PDF, 15 MB Download

Product Catalog 2019/2020

Straumann International Edition
452.200/en/D/00 07/19 28.06.2019 PDF, 48 MB Download
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