Alvim CM

Orthodontic Anchorage

Implants developed to be an auxiliary in orthodontic movement. Available in 2 different collar heights and 2 different diameters, granting more flexibility to the orthodontic treatment.

  • Available in Titanium alloy as per ASTM-F136 (V)
  • Implants for orthodontic movement
  • Self-perforating
  • Collar height – Low: 0 mm / Medium: 1 mm
  • Torque resistance of up to 10Ncm (O 1.3 mm)
    and 20Ncm (O 1.6 mm)
  • Drilling speed: 200 rpm
  • Placement speed: 30 rpm

Orthodontic Anchorage Implant Package.

Remove the cap to access the implant.

Implant capture with Orthodontic Anchorage Contra-Angle Connection.

Implant placement with Contra-Angle Connections (105.039 or 105.040).

Option of manual implant insertion using a Handle Anchorage Implant Driver (104.033) or Torque Wrench Adaptor for Contra-Angle Connections (105.025).

Implant placed.