The Neodent Implant System offers an optimized solution for immediate fixed treatment protocols in edentulous patients even with severe atrophic maxilla.
Neodent NeoArch allows to significantly improve patient satisfaction and quality of live by immediately restoring function and esthetics.

Immediate function resulting in shorter treatment times

Immediate natural-looking esthetics with versatile restorative options

Immediate peace of mind thanks to a stable foundation

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Solutions for all clinical needs

A implant system designed for predictable immediate treatments in all bone types even with different conditions of the residual alveolar bone.


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The next level of immediate fixed full-arch

1. Angled Mini Conical Abutment: immediate natural-looking esthetics. 

2. Grand Morse connection: 
a stable and strong foundation designed for long term success.
3. One prosthetic connection for all Grand Morse Implants: Ease of use.

4. Helix Grand Morse:
unbeatable versatility.

5. Acqua surface:
high treatment predictability.
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Immediate solution in severe atrophic maxilla

Specifically designed  to bring surgical predictability to atrophic maxilla  cases, as a predictable alternative to grafting  procedures.

1. Helix GM® Long
Solution for bicorticalization. 

2. Zygoma GMTM 
Implant for zygomatic anchorage.

*Check the availability of these products in your country.

3. GM Zygoma-S
Greatness in severe atrohic maxilla cases.
Immediate outstanding solution for severe atrophic maxilla cases treatment
✔ Anatomical efficiency and stability
✔ Prosthetic versatility for rehabilitation needs
✔ Predictable surgical results
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Comprehensive restorative solutions: 
designed to meet all patient expectations.

The Neodent® NeoArch restorative portfolio meets those needs by providing versatile options and respecting biological distances, offering optimal abutments angulations and a broad range of gingival heights to attend to different clinical needs.

*Check the availability of these products in your country.

✔ Several gingival height options: adapting to tissue availability.
✔ Optimal angulation: 17º until 60º: fitting to patient’s anatomy
✔ Short cone, wide angle:
maximizing passive fit and angulation compensation.
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Digital Solutions

Meet patient stability and comfort expectations thanks to comprehensive customized milled frameworks for provisional or final restoration at the abutment level, using a broad range of materials in different workflows.
CARES®/Createch Medical

Milling center solution

Straumann® M series/Zirkonzahn M4

In-house milling solution


manufacturing solution

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Surgical simplicity & predictability

Neodent provides a complete range of products designed to bring simplicity to the dental practice and predictability during the surgeries. Designed also for surgical predictability and efficiency.

1. Helix GM® Compact Surgical Kit

2. Helix GM® Long Compact Surgical Kit

3. Zygoma GM™ Surgical Kit

4. GM Zygoma-S Surgical Kit


 1. Helix GM®

2. Helix GM® Long

3. Zygoma GMTM

4. GM Zygoma-S

Full Guided Surgery procedure

Initial Guided Surgery procedure    

Compact Surgical kits

Short drills designed to allow less vibration.*    

*A Spade drill and a new initial lateral cutting drill: More precision for the initial osteotomy

Predictable surgical results

Neodent® GM Zygoma-S protocol features unique drills designed for a more accurate osteotomy from the surgical beginning, bringing a maximum level of confidence to the surgical procedure.
Functional and intuitive surgical cassette:
Enables surgical efficiency.

More precision for initial surgical preparation: 

A Spade drill and a new initial lateral cutting drill: More precision for the initial osteotomy.

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