Flexibase® for Axiom® Multi Level®
A maximum flexibility for the prosthetics laboratory 

Maximum flexibility for the prosthetics laboratory

Anthogyr proposes FlexiBase®, a range of versatile titanium bases. It allows the manufacture of single-unit or multiple-unit screw-retained dentures on Axiom® Bone Level and Axiom® Tissue Level dental implants by CAD/CAM machining in the dental laboratory or by moulded technique. With a compact size, they cover a majority of indications.

The CAD libraries, associated with these bases, allow the design of prostheses with Exocad, 3Shape and Dental Wings, software in workflows, from a conventional impression or an impression with SIO. 

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  • Easy to use

    Comprehensive Ti-Base range of diameters, gingival heights and platforms

  • Flexibility

    Plural and single indications
    Compact size compatible with more indications

  • High quality

    Original on Original
    Long terme confidence

  • Reliability

    Anthogyr Serenity® guarantee programme



Axiom Multi Level® brochure

Soluciones de implantes de alta eficacia - Low res
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Axiom® Bone Level Who's Who

Guia de los componentes - Low res
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Axiom® Multi Level® Catalogo

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Axiom® Tissue Level Who's Who

Guia de los componentes - Low res
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Manuales y guías de usuario

Labside lista de compatibilidad

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