AxIN® screw-retained tooth with Angulated Access 
Screw-retained zirconia tooth with Angulated Access

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Anthogyr innovates with AxIN®, a zirconia screw-retained Simeda® tooth installed on a removable titanium base for Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL implants, without glue or sealing cement. Its distinctive characteristic is the screw inserted through the bottom surface of the specifically machined prosthesis. With its narrow channel which can be angulated from 0 to 25°, the incisal edges are preserved and the mechanical integrity is facilitated even on small size teeth.

The result: better biological safety for restorations for all sectors respecting the natural anatomy of the tooth.

  • Biologically safe

    No glue, no sealing cement

  • The closest thing to a natural tooth

    Channels not visible from the outside
    Narrow diameter Ø 2.0 mm

  • Easy handling

    Removable titanium base
    Screw integrated into the restoration

  • Lower and facilitated maintenance

    Channels outside the fragile areas
    Lower risk of chipping

  • Peace of mind

    Full CAD/CAM Simeda® prosthesis

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AxIN® Panorama

Protesis unitaria atornillada Simeda® - Low res
ES_2019-11_C191_LR 09.01.2020 PDF, 2 MB Descargar

Axiom Multi Level® brochure

Soluciones de implantes de alta eficacia - Low res
ES_2020-06_C179_LR 05.10.2020 PDF, 9 MB Descargar

Axiom® Bone Level Who's Who

Guia de los componentes - Low res
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Axiom® Multi Level® Catalogo

Low res
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Axiom® Multi Level® Panorama

Sistemas de implantes - Low res
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Simeda® CAD/CAM Brochure

Low res
ES_2021-09_C187_LR 17.09.2021 PDF, 13 MB Descargar

Simeda® CAD/CAM Panorama

Soluciones protésicas personalizadas - Low res
ES_2020-07_C184_LR 02.07.2020 PDF, 4 MB Descargar

Simeda® Who's Who

Guia de los componentes - Low res
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Recursos clínicos

Revisión clínica AxIN

Low res
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AxIN® 3D Product Video

Seleccione su nueva referencia
ES_2019-12_AXIN_MP4 30.01.2020 MP4, 64 MB

AxIN® Video Tutorial - 1

Montaje de una protesis AxIN®
ES_2019-12_AXIN_TUTO2_MP4 05.03.2020 MP4, 100 MB

AxIN® Video Tutorial - 2

Desmontaje de una protesis AxIN®
ES_2019-12_AXIN_TUTO2_MP4 30.01.2020 MP4, 603 MB

Manuales y guías de usuario

Instrucciones de uso CAD/CAM

Prótesis personalizadas Simeda®
ES_2021-10_CADCAM-IFU 12.10.2021 PDF, 182 KB Descargar

Lista de compatibilidad de Simeda®

ES_2022-03_SIMEDA-COMPATIBILITY 11.03.2022 PDF, 181 KB Descargar

Manual CAD/CAM

Low res - Manual de diseño para prótesis personalizadas
ES_2021-07_MANUEL-CAD/CAM_LR 04.03.2022 PDF, 2 MB Descargar

Simeda® Plazos De Entrega

ES_2020_SimedaPlazosDeEntrega 06.05.2021 PDF, 525 KB Descargar

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