CAD/CAM accessories
For Simeda® dental prostheses

Anthogyr offers a full range of Simeda® CAD/CAM accessories consisting of:

  • Scan Adapters for single and multiple restorations. The list of Scan Adapters is provided in the compatibility list. 
  • Wax-Up for restorations using Axiom® BL and TL implants.

Simeda Scan-Adapters
> Scan Adapters for scanning master models - Design features

  • Automatically identify the implant platforms and conical abutments listed in the Compatibility List (i.e. Anthogyr etc...),
  • Can be used without spray even with conical abutment connection systems,
  • For optimal performance,
  • Scan Adapters (SA) are screwed onto analogs using the dedicated SA Tool,
  • Scan Adapters are also available separately to complete a kit.

> Scan Adapter Kits for Lab use - Design features

Fully compatible with Simeda® approved platforms (list available in the Compatibility List), A special Kit includes 10 Axiom® REG/PX Scan Adapters:

  • 4 SAA for implant-supported single-unit restorations
  • 6 SAO for restorations using 4.8 mm multi-unit abutments, Custom slots accommodate Scan Adapters, fixation screws, and SA Tool.

Simeda Wax-Up

> Wax Ups for Axiom® REG/PX implants - Design features

  • Deep grooves on the coronal face for optimal resin distribution,
  • Plastic material for easy shaping,
  • Gingival area fits all Axiom® emergence profiles,
  • Built-in tri-lobe feature for accurate connection,
  • Sold individually or in packs of 4.

> Wax Ups for Axiom® REG/PX Multi-Unit abutments - Design features

  • Deep grooves on the coronal face for optimal resin distribution,
  • Plastic material for easy shaping,
  • Sold individually or in packs of 4, with or without laboratory screw




Simeda® CAD/CAM Brochure

Low res
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Simeda® CAD/CAM Product Video

El sistema CAD/CAM de Anthogyr
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Manuales y guías de usuario

Instrucciones de uso CAD/CAM

Prótesis personalizadas Simeda®
ES_2021-10_CADCAM-IFU 12.10.2021 PDF, 182 KB Descargar

Lista de compatibilidad de Simeda®

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Manual CAD/CAM

Low res - Manual de diseño para prótesis personalizadas
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Simeda® Plazos De Entrega

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