Straumann® CARES®  Therm 3 and Argotherm

Meet the increased demand for Zirconia and CoCr restorations.

The two Straumann® CARES® furnaces maximize process reliability to produce homogeneous, distortion-free restorations. With constant temperature control and distribution, a wide range of functions combine ease of use and consistent performance. Space-saving designs with fully-automated, pre-programmed and customizable sintering programs make them ideal for the dental laboratory. 

Straumann® Therm

  • Reliability

    For distortion-free zirconia frameworks.

  • Efficiency

    Optimally coordinated, fully automated sintering programs for different restoration sizes. Three stackable sintering bowls to maximize utilization.

  • Flexibility

    Four sintering programs available.

Straumann® Argotherm

  • Simplicity

    Easy-to-use, optimized sintering for Sintron® restorations at the press of a button.

  • Safety

    Sintering under shielding gas.

  • Efficiency

    Minimal consumption of argon gas, actively cools down after sintering.

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