An innovative connection

The inLink® connection is a locking system built into the CAD/CAM Simeda® prosthesis. This solution features a fixation lock and a retaining ring in specially machined housing.

This new connection system is dedicated to Simeda® full-arch screw-retained CAD/CAM restorations. The inLink® connection is compatible with both the Axiom® TL Tissue Level and Axiom® BL Bone Level dental implants, thanks to the dedicated inLink® abutment.

Direct on Axiom® TL
With an inLink® abutment on Axiom® BL

Time-saving and easy to handle at the surgery

Innovative integrated locking system: no need to transport screws
Compact vertical design
Quick screwing into the mouth

Flexibility in surgery

Correction of extreme implant discrepancies without an intermediate abutment
No choice of abutment angulation or indexing

Mechanical reliability

Proven mechanical lock tightness

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