Axiom X3®, PX
and REG profiles 
3 body profiles for
all bone situations

Innovation with a single focus on clinical performance

Axiom X3®, REG and PX profiles are available for both Axiom® Bone Level and Tissue Level dental implants. Together, they cover all types of clinical and bone situations. 3 dental implant designs that continually break down clinical barriers, keep pace with evolving treatments, and fulfill patient expectations.

Universal bone anchorage
  • Designed for fewer constraints
    in hard bone
  • Flexible drilling protocol
  • Adapted protocols to suit
    immediate treatment
Bone preservation
  • Minimally invasive and flexible
    drilling protocols, fewer drills,
    NO tap: BONE IS GOLD
Full control guidance
  • Optimal guidance and insertion
  • Designed for dynamic engagement
    and optimized stability
Frictionless integration
  • A unique conical connection
  • Integration into most digital platforms
    and flows
  • Access to Simeda® customized prosthesis

Reversed conical neck
  • Preservation of cortical bone
  • Promotes alveolar bone remodeling
Tapered design
  • Bone condensation
  • Enhanced initial stability in low-density bone
Deep symmetrical double thread
  • Guiding effect, fast bone penetration
  • Self-drilling and self-tapping
Fast penetration apex
  • Optimal anchorage on the apical portion

Straight threaded neck
  • Optimize primary bone anchorage
  • Retentive neck with bone compaction effect
Cylindrical-conical shape
  • Progressive compression
  • Controlled and guided insertion
Asymmetrical threads
  • Self-tapping
  • Progressive anchorage
Atraumatic apex
  • Adapted to sinus lift
  • Parallel walls and rounded apex ensure gentle,
    gradual anchorage


Axiom® surgical kit

One single compact surgical kit for both Axiom® Bone Level & Tissue Level implants, X3, PX and REG profiles

  •  User-friendly
  •  Freedom & flexibility
  •  Efficient protocols
  •  Bring serenity into your practice

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